Vhakoma Vho-Lavhelesani Gladys Nyamande of Matangari village is happy to have passed her learner's licence at the age of 59. 

Age is just a number


“I will be turning 60 in just few months, but my age is not a stumbling block for me to achieve what I have set out in life.”

These are the words from Vhakoma Vho-Lavhelesani Gladys Nyamande of Matangari village. She passed her learner's licence examination last week.  In Tshivenda, Vhakoma is a title given to the mother of a traditional leader.

Vho-Lavhelesani is the mother of Matangari village traditional leader Musanda Vho-Mutulagole Nyamande.

She said she was happy that her dream of becoming a qualified driver was about to be realized. She added that her classmates at the driving school were very supportive. “I was the eldest in the class and nobody made jokes about me. Some classmates were young enough to be my kids, while others qualified to be my grandchildren. I worked hard because I knew exactly what brought me to the driving school.”

Vho-Lavhelesani said she was happy that she could now drive a car in the presence of a qualified driver. “I have already booked for my driver’s licence test and I have no doubt that I will snatch it. I will soon be able to get into the road alone without anyone assisting me on my side as required by the law.”

She encourages both young and old people not to give up on their dreams. “If I did it at the age of 59, it means that everyone can do it. We all just have to stand up and improve our lives because there will be time for us to depart from this world. The sooner we take steps while we are still breathing the better.”




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