Dr Takalani Dzaga.

Set yourself goals and you will succeed - Dzaga


If you set yourself goals and dedicate yourself to achieving them, nothing will stop you from living your dreams, says the University of Venda's newest doctor and spokesperson Dr Takalani Dzaga.

Dzaga, of Thohoyandou, recently received a doctorate in Public Administration from the University of the Limpopo. His thesis is entitled Communication tools for enhancement of effective management and governance at institutions of higher learning: A case study of the University of Venda. He was supervised by Prof Piet Sebola.

The study was premised on the hypothesis that only the identification, availability and correct use of communication tools have a positive effect on the effective management and governance at institutions of higher learning in South Africa. In the study, data was obtained from students, staff, alumni and council members at Univen and it revealed that other stakeholders feel that they are not sufficiently communicated with on governance processes.

Dzaga said his journey started four years ago when he registered at the University of Limpopo. "The environment I am working in where I mix with academics and researchers motivated me to study further. I had to use my time effectively for my family, work, studies and social life, and one thing I came to realise is that there is nothing impossible in life if one is determined to achieve that.”

He is now encouraging those with junior degrees to study further “as higher qualifications will open closed doors for them".

According to him, the study revealed that, in order to achieve effective management and governance, institutional leadership should engage relevant stakeholders in the determination of tools of communication.




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Date:29 April 2019 - By: Elmon Tshikhudo

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