makhosini makhubele 9 months ago

Good work Mr Maswanganyi and congratulations for job well done, here in Gauteng we are treated like sub-humans by taxi drivers and their so-called taxi associations, which are just toothless bulldogs...we are living in a devilish hell at the hands of taxi drivers in the whole of Gauteng province, one wonders why can't the Government introduce compulsory basic training courses for all taxi drivers and their so-called que marshalls, teaching them how to respect their clientele, otherwise these guys have no morals and behaves like animals, on several occasions, I have witness how taxi drivers insulted and shouted at elderly people and in our culture as Africans, that is a taboo...elderly people are accorded the highest respect by our community, but here in Gauteng, taxi drivers insult even the elderly people and my heart bleed when I see these guys throw all the insult at our grannies...I hlamba yi kulu ku rhuketela vakokwani, I hlamba yo chavisa, swa nyumisa but here in Gauteng, our elderly are insulted on a daily basis...that's very sad