Cllr Netshipise entertained the people during the imbizo held at Makwarani village.

Early Christmas for Makwarani families


Christmas came early for two needy families at Makwarani village outside Thohoyandou when they received food parcels, blankets and a pledge of an RDP houses from the mayor of Thulamela, Cllr Avhashoni Tshifhango.

Tshifhango also announced that the municipality was going to provide an RDP house to Mr Lazarus Mukhari and his family in Makwarani village and to the family of Mr Ndivhuwo Liphadzi of the neighbouring village of Mudzidzini.

The gifts handed to Mukhari included five blankets, mealie meal, soup, bath soap, fish, brown sugar, soya beans, milk powder, cooking oil and candles.

The self-employed Mukhari, who is sharing a three-room mud house with his wife and four children, said he was excited about the gifts, especially the house. “There was a time when I thought this government did not care about needy people like myself.  But today, I have seen the good side of this government.  I am very excited.  I wish the same can be done to other families.”

Tshifhango also paid a courtesy visit to Vhamusanda Vho-Dzivhuluwani Ramalivhana at his kraal.  During the visit, Ramalivha raised his concern about the lack of water, an access road to his kraal, a clinic, RDP houses and toilets.

During an imbizo, community members were given the opportunity to reveal their needs and success stories they could tell about service delivery in their area. The electricity supply was revealed as the main success story of the municipality in the area. Local councillor Nematenda Mafela was also given an opportunity to present the challenges and successes in his ward,  number 29.  

In his response, Tshifhango said the issue of water would be directed to the district municipality.  He also conceded that road conditions were bad in the area and promised that they would attend to the matter. He also revealed that the road from Khubvi to Tshidzivhe will be tarred for three kilometres now. The cost of the project will be about R15 million per kilometre.


Mayor Avhashoni Tshifhango, Chief Whip Mahosi and the Speaker, Cllr Mulovhedzi, photographed with Mr Mukhari, second from left, with his family. 


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Date:05 November 2018 - By: Ndivhuwo Musetha

Ndivhuwo Musetha



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