Photographed during the wheelchair and cash donations are, standing from left to right, Ms Rendani Manengene (Musina Disability Forum), Ms Josephine Pieters (De Beers Venetia Mine), Cllr Jeremia Khunwana from Musina Municipality, Ms Takalani Motlousi and Mr Yunsa Mbewe (both from Musina Disability Forum). Seated in their new wheelchairs are: Mr Shandukani Masindi, Ms Lydia Ngobeza, Mr William Phosiwa and Ms Daisy Ngobeza.

De Beers donates ten wheel chairs


“My old wheelchair was tattered, and the wheels were so torn that it was difficult to move from one place to another. I prayed day and night that a Good Samaritan should emerge and come to my rescue. Fortunately, my prayer has been answered and I’m so happy that I could even touch the sky.”

These are the words of Mr William Phosiwa, one of the 10 disabled people who each received a brand-new wheelchair from De Beers Venetia Mine last week. The handing over took place at Musina Disability Centre. 

Obviously filled with joy, Phosiwa said he did not have enough words to express his gratitude to the kind-hearted donors. “We are living in a time where people don’t care about the welfare of others. This gives us hope that we are moving into the right direction in building our society. Caring for disabled people is a clear indication that we are being taken seriously. It also gives us confidence to enjoy life like all other abled members of society.”

Phosiwa’s sentiments were echoed by Ms Daisy Ngobeza, who said that she could list a lot of benefits after joining the Musina Disability Forum two years ago.

“This is the place where we encourage one another to use our talents to the maximum, despite our disability. I wouldn’t have received this brand-new wheelchair if I had not joined the Musina Disability Forum. We hope this donation will pave the way for more assistance from other stakeholders in future. We are really happy about our new wheelchairs.”

Speaking on behalf of the Musina Disability Forum, Mr Yunsa Mbewe thanked De Beers Venetia Mine for donating the wheelchairs. “We also thank them for the R9 480 cash deposit that they gave us during the occasion. The money, which was raised by Venetia employees, will help us to implement our daily programmes with ease. The wheelchairs came at the right time when most of our colleagues were in dire need of them.”

Ms Josephine Pieters from De Beers Venetia mine said they would continue to assist communities in their labour-sending areas.




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