Millicent Khuliso Mutavhatsindi, founder of Destined Ladies.

Millicent a beacon of hope for teenage girls


Khuliso Millicent Mutavhatsindi from Destined Ladies has become a beacon of hope for many teenage girls in the Vhembe District. She not only gives them the necessary toiletries, but she is always there for them when they need to talk.

“I started Destined Ladies because I realised that there are many girls out there who cannot talk to their parents or other family members,” she said. “I wanted them to speak out when they come across things like rape, abuse or disappointments in their lives. The danger of not speaking to someone while you are going through something is that you can end up committing suicide.”

Destined Ladies also encourages young girls to stay away from relationships. “Relationships come with a lot of distractions. When it comes to academics, some girls end up falling pregnant at an early age,” she warned. “It was important for me to start an organisation that will address such issues and save young girls and encourage them to become who they want to become.”

Destined Ladies currently has about 130 girls in the group and some of them have gone on to form their own organisation, such as Mpho Mafunise of Be That Girl, Muofhe of African Confidence and Wanga Millicent of African Teens.

If you want to know more about Destined Ladies, you can contact them on their email address: or call Millicent at 0715418844 or go to their Facebook page: Destined Ladies.


Some of the supporters of Destined Ladies.


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Date:10 August 2018 - By: Maanda Bele

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