Gogo Vho-Tshinakhaho "Muguta" Ramantswana (116) was laid to rest at the Mufulwi sacred place (zwiendeulu).

Gogo Ramanstwana (116) laid to rest


Speaker after speaker described the late Gogo Vho-Tshinakaho “Muguta” Ramantswana as “a unifying factor to the Tshisundzungwane clan and the community at large”.

She passed away peacefully in her daughter’s house in Mulodi village in the Mutale area on Monday, 18 June, after a long illness.

Gogo Ramantswana (116) was laid to rest in the sacred place (zwiendaeulu) of Mufulwi village two weeks ago. She was a familiar resident in her village of Mufulwi and hundreds of people from all corners of the province and as far as Gauteng attended her funeral.

One of her daughters, Ms Sarah Thenga, described her late mother as a celebrity, because her funeral was characterized by celebrations of her long life, and she was also known as a celebrity in her village.

According to Thenga,  she encouraged her children to work hard, saying one would get good things out of working hard. She said her mother also helped to promote a free-living community without theft. She was also an inyanga or traditional healer and thugs were afraid of her and that they would be bewitched.

Speaking when reading her obituary during the funeral proceedings,  Ms Mukondi Nefefe and one of her grandchildren said Ramantswana  had been a people’s person and they had lost one of the celebrities the Tshisudzungwane clan had produced.

Nefefe said Tshinakaho Ramantswana was one of the aunties (khadzi) in the Tshisudzungwane clan in Tshitanzhe and was the young sister of the late Vho-Nyamudzhedzi Tshisudzungwane, who passed away in 2005.

She left two daughters, Ms Sarah Thenga and Ms Eni Mudau, and many grandchildren and great-grandchildren.



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Date:07 July 2018 - By: Silas Nduvheni

Silas Nduvheni



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