The body of one of the alleged criminals lies on the ground before being taken away from the scene.

Mob justice claims two lives in Vhembe


Three men who allegedly have been terrorizing the community of Tshino in Vuwani, met the wrath of the angry residents when they were hunted down, found and confronted with “people’s justice”.

One of the alleged criminals died of his injuries, while his two accomplices were seriously injured and taken to hospital.

The incident happened a fortnight ago after angry residents accused the three of being behind the spate of crimes like rapes, robberies and housebreakings. The last straw was when the trio allegedly went to a local house, where they tied up the parents before raping a ten-year-old girl.

Another alleged criminal in the Njakanjaka area also met the same fate on the same day, leaving police very worried. Following the brutal rape of the girl at Tshino, the angry community rounded up the alleged thugs, beat them up and paraded them naked through the village. One of the thugs, who is believed to be the ring leader, was ultimately killed, while his two accomplices were seriously injured. It was only the timely arrival of the police that saved the lives of the other two alleged criminals.

Residents said they have had enough of the criminals who roam the streets disturbing the peace of the village, robbing people and attacking them and raping them at will. “We are fed-up and this is a strong message to all out there who are terrorising our community. This is what they will face. We will not fold our hands when our lives are in danger,” several angry residents said.

The community ululated when the body of one of the alleged criminals was taken away in a police mortuary van.

The incident was strongly condemned by Limpopo police commissioner Lt-Gen Nneke Ledwaba, who urged residents not to take the law into their own hands. Limpopo police spokesperson, Lt-Col Moatshe Ngoepe said police in Thohoyandou have opened a case of murder, two counts of attempted murder and public violence following the Tshino incident.

He said police investigations are continuing.

In an unrelated incident in the Waterval policing area outside Louis Trichardt, it is alleged that a group of community members in Njakanjaka village mobilized themselves, complaining about the alleged gangsters who are terrorising them by stealing their properties and breaking into their spaza shops.

Following this mobilization, they started tracing these “gangsters”, apprehended one of them who is in his twenties and started assaulting him with various objects and subsequently killing him. The name of the deceased is still unknown at this stage.

The police in Waterval have opened cases of murder and public violence, said Ngoepe. He said the suspects involved in both incidents are still unknown and there has been no arrest so far.

Anyone with information which can lead to the arrest of all the suspects involved in these incidents, may contact the crime stop number 0860 010 111 or the crime line SMS 32211 or the nearest police station.


Shocked onlookers watch as the alleged criminals are paraded naked through the village.


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Date:23 April 2018 - By: Elmon Tshikhudo

Elmon Tshikhudo

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