Advisor to the Vhavenda King, Mr Jackson Mafunzwaini.

Plans underway to review budget of King Toni's office


Plans are underway to review the budget to run the office of King Toni Mphephu-Ramabulana, says the spokesperson of Premier Stan Mathabatha, Mr Kenny Mathivha.

Mathivha says that the provincial government and the Office of the Vhavenda Kingship are at present in discussions for the possible reviewing of the budget set aside for the Vhavenda Kingship. They hope that the budget can be similar to those of the other kings countrywide.

According to Mathivha, the current budget of the office of the Vhavenda Kingship is reported to be more than R5 million. He adds that the community must know in Limpopo there are three recognized monarchs, namely Mphephu, King Thulare Victor Thulare III, King of the Bapedi Nation, and Rain Queen Modjadji.

During his recent State of the Province Address, Mathabatha emphasized the efforts to strengthen their relationship with traditional leaders, as a number of developmental projects enjoy the support of the traditional leaders.

Meanwhile, King Toni Mphephu’s advisor, Mr Jackson Mafunzwaini, has confirmed that the current budget of the office of the Vhavenda Kingship is more than R5 million and that it is still not enough to run the office of the King.

He says they will be pleased if the engagement with the provincial government could be fruitful and bring amicable solutions.




King Toni Mphephu-Ramabulana.


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    Azwidohwi Mpete 9 months ago

    Although my say in this matter wont change anything, I strongly object to wastage of public money on things that do not benefit the people. I am yet to see some intervention the King would say with pride that he has done for VhaVenda nation. He has shares in ailing VBS bank that has been making a lot of money for him and his family, i thought the investments he makes in any venture should be guided by the needs of the people. I want to see the king bringing the old Venda culture back, initiate projects and programmes that create jobs for the people, get involved in the land issue that is being debated currently, partner with UNIVEN and other education institutions to promote developmental Venda nation. I dont believe this has to do with Zwelithini or whoever getting whichever amount, the fact is that our King must justify what he is doing with our money. Zwelithini has vast track of land controlled by Ingonyama trust for the Zulu nation, what do we have as VhaVenda? absolutely nothing!! King Mphephu please stand up and work for your nation, not these things of giving primary school kids shoes and related issues, i am talking about projects that have significant impacts to the people. We have many professors and highly educated people among the VhaVenda nation, maybe a starting point would be to organise a workshop and bring them together and gain from their knowledge. Working for your people will gain you as a King a lot of respect like the Zulu king. Honestly as it stands i dont see any significant respect for the king especially among the youth because they are well aware that the existence or nonexistence of the King has not bearing in their lives.

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    Uncle Sol Mashimbye 9 months ago

    I think it is the right move by the government,it must not be a recognition in paper but the king must be well resourced financially in order for him to meet his obligations .R5 million is a paltry compared to what king Zwelithini is getting.otherwise it is long overdue as the king deserves better,otherwise R5 million was just an insult it was not even worth mentioned.


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Date:11 March 2018 - By: Silas Nduvheni

Silas Nduvheni



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