makhosini 12 months ago

There are many schools in Limpopo and South Africa in general that produces very good results , not necessarily distinctions but we don't see them on the media being praised or congratulated, such schools have learners obtaining 65%-70% in the subjects such as Maths, Physics and all other subjects, such learners go on to study almost all the professions you can think of in all South African Universities and they complete their studies on record time. My matric class mate in 1996 obtained between 68%-69% for both Maths and Physical Science and managed to Complete a BSc (Electrical Engineering) (4-years) and MSc (Electrical Engineering) (2-years) all on record time. It is totally unfair and illogical to celebrate only schools that have distinctions, what about those school whose learners have obtained good marks in Maths and Science? There are countless number of students (who passed with distinctions) who were academically excluded from many universities due their inability to pass once they get admitted at Universities, a pass with distinctions cannot be a measure alone that is used to judge a learner or a school, attention must be given to all schools whose learners have passed with very good marks, not only those with distinctions!