Seated on the chair is Thovhele Ratshibvumo II Rambuda, with the royal council members of Ha-Rambuda, while the newly installed chief, Ntanganedzeni Phuravhathu (with a hat) stands behind him.

New chief takes reins at Mabvete village


The deep rural village of Mabvete near Tshiungani in Musina was without a traditional leader since 2010, but things have changed for the better on Saturday when Chief Ntanganedzeni Phuravhathu was installed by Thovhele Ratshibvumo II Rambuda.

Hundreds of people from all corners of the Niani areas, which included traditional leaders and well-wishers, attended the installation ceremony that was held at the chief’s kraal.

Chief Ntanganedzeni Phuravhathu (39) succeeded his father, Chief Godzwana Phuravhathu who passed away on 31 December 2010. Chief Phuravhathu was installed with Mr Thivhilaeli Phuravhathu as ndumi, while Ms Mpho Phuravhathu was installed as khadzi.

Thovhele Rambuda told the newly installed chief that he must treat his communities with respect, because he is a chief because of the subjects.

“We now understand that the new chief will work as a link between his communities and the nearby Musina local municipality, for the delivery of services. We urge the communities in his village, Mabvete, to also give the newly installed chief the much-needed support,” said Thovhele Rambuda.

One of the longest serving traditional leaders in Ha-Rambuda, Chief Nndweleni Nduvheni, applauded the installation of the new chief as another way of resolving some of the matters the communities battle with. According to Chief Nduvheni there is no one who has the right to dethrone the newly installed chief, except Thovhele Rambuda, who has the legitimate power to do so should he find it necessary.


Thovhele Ratshibvumo II Rambuda (left) with the newly installed chief, Ntanaganedzeni Phuravhathu.

Thovhele Ratshibvumo II  Rambuda (left) shakes hands with the newly installed chief, Ntanganedzeni Phuravhathu in Mabvete village, shortly after the installation.


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Date:23 December 2016 - By: Silas Nduvheni

Silas Nduvheni



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