The operational manager at Mpheni clinic, Ms Emily Mulondo (far right), pushes the wheechair that was donated to the clinic by Vaseline Petroleum Jelly company, while represantaives of Magenta Marketing company, nurses and some patients look on.

Medical equipment donated by Vaseline for Mpheni


Vaseline Petroleum Jelly presented the Mpheni Clinic with a wheelchair, crutches and medical kit during a ceremony at the clinic last Tuesday.

The operational manager in the Mpheni Clinic, Ms Emily Mulondo, said that they were surprised by the donation that makes the work of nurses easier when admitting disabled and paralyzed patients. “Our nurses used to suffer by lifting disabled and paralyzed patients in their arms. We also appreciate the medical kit, which also includes a blood pressure metre,” said Mulondo.

Ms Tryphosa Malahlela, marketing promoter of the Magents Marketing Company, which was contracted by Vaseline Petroleum Jelly to do marketing for them, said Vaseline understood that clinics sometimes struggled to provide top-notch care to patients because they had shortages of medical supplies. “We are here to assist one of your clinics and we hope the donation of the wheelchair, crutches and medical kit will help the nurses at Mpheni to give better service to the community,” said Malahlela.

The assistant manager clinical supervisor to the clinics around Waterval/Nthabalala, Mr Thomas Khoza, said they were delighted to find out that Vaseline Petroleum Jelly had decided to help one of the local clinics.






The marketing promoter of Magenta, Ms Tryphosa Malahlela (left), the company representing Vaseline Petroleum Jelly handed over some medical items to the operational manager of Mpheni clinic, while some nurses look on.


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Date:18 December 2016 - By: Silas Nduvheni

Silas Nduvheni



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