Some of the community members who attended the meeting at Matshena.

More than 700 houses for Ward 8


Community members in Ward 8, a new ward of the Musina Local Municipality, are excited about their demarcation, with the hope that they will receive better service.

This emerged during their developmental meeting held at Matshena last Sunday. During the meeting, which was chaired by ward councillor Fistos Mafela, who is also the Chief Whip of the local municipality, the community members of Matshena, Masea, Tshiungani I and Mavete (Tshiungani 2) were excited that they were now part of Musina, a move that they have been calling for in the past years.

The four villages will now form part of Ward 8, together with Madimbo, Domboni and the Nwanedi farms.

Previously, the four villages were falling under Mutale Local Municipality while Madimbo, Malale, Domboni, Tanda, Tshikhudini, Doreen Farm, Tshipise Farm and the Nwanedi Farm were part of Ward 1 under Musina Local Municipality.

The new villagers were excited to hear that more than 700 RDP houses and 720 VIP toilets were built in Ward 1 in the past five years.

The villagers at Matshena, Masea, Tshiungani I and Tshiungani II said they last received RDP houses more than five years back. During the meeting, Cllr Mafela revealed that they had managed to electrify Tanda, Tshikhudini and Dombono, new villages that did not have electricity at all.

In this meeting, which was also attended by traditional leaders whose villages fall under Ward 8, Mafela revealed that the municipality also built Thusong Service Centre, Madimbo market, sports grounds in Malale and Madimbo and the extension of rooms at the Madimbo Clinic. The majority of community members said they wanted the municipality to provide more water taps in their streets, VIP toilets, RDP houses, primary schools, dumping sites, Apollo lights, clinics, gravelling of streets, tarred roads, jobs, food parcels, free electricity and many more.

Mafela said the input from the community would form part of the IDP, which will be used as a guide in the next five years. He also stressed that the delivery of their needs will be done according to their priorities and the budget available at the municipality.

“Please note that we are not going to provide everything that you requested here, but we will make sure that we do our best to deliver according to your needs,” said Mafela.



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Date:11 December 2016 - By: Ndivhuwo Musetha

Ndivhuwo Musetha



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