“Airport restaurant reflects badly on the moral values of our province”

Date: 13 August 2015   Read: 1898

Whilst waiting for a flight recently with some foreign visitors, we went upstairs looking for some basic refreshments – a burger and a cold drink, to be exact.

I find it hard to describe what we found ... a “restaurant” which can only be described as the epitome of bad taste. All bling in black, brass and silver, and - God help us - a bath in the corner; yes – a bath, in the restaurant, with its own TV screen (to show what, you may well ask).

Waitresses dressed like not-so-high-class “escorts” and a menu that defies belief, although I doubt the majority of items are actually available. To crown it all, half a Mercedes Benz sticking out of a wall, again with a TV screen for the “driver”!

The hamburgers were delicious - hats off to the chef - but clearly there’s nowhere near enough daytime traffic to keep the business afloat, so one can only assume a roaring evening trade ... but in what? Even the bill was presented in a black and silver velvet and sequinned mini “chaise longue”. My guests found it highly amusing, but were laughing at us and not with us, taking photos to show their friends back home.

Is this what the Limpopo Tourism Board wants our province to be known for? A cheap-‘n-nasty “welcome” to tourists, demeaning the wealth of cultural, artistic and environmental attractions that we have to offer? Shame on you all! Move it to town, for goodness sake, away from the stunned and disbelieving eyes of our visitors. 

- One very embarrassed tourist guide, Vhembe



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