Shirley Mudau publishes first book of short stories

Date:19 May 2022 - By: Maanda Bele

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At age 53, Azwindini Shirley Mudau from Mvuso Park in Thohoyandou is very proud to have finally published her first Tshivenda book of short stories, titled Naledzi Masase.

The book comprises 16 stories, including Naledzi Masase, Mireo, Mukosi wa Thumbuni, Mutobvu, U sa Divha nandi, and Ndivho thukhu iya shengedza. The novellas, which are all focussed on modern-day life, can be enjoyed by readers from all age groups, the author said - whether they be men, women, young children or elderly citizens. “Seeing that I have touched so many spheres of life, I decided to name the book ‘Morning Star’ (Naledzi Masase) to bring light to those who might be in the darkness.”

The author said she needed only 30 days to write all 16 stories. The title story, Naledzi Masase, is about a parent who refuses to accept that her daughter was born with learning barriers. Later on, the girl’s future becomes the brightest of all of her siblings. “She was like the morning star in the family.”

Mudau made a name for herself when she became one of the writers of the popular Phalaphala FM soapie Ndi yone mini yeneyi in 2015. She is already working on her second book.

She believes that people should not hide their talents. “Strike the iron while it is hot. Never hide your talents, because they might be beneficial to someone else,” she said. “We were born with different talents. Whatever one can do should be done to the best of his or her ability.”



Azwinndini Shirley Mudau finally published her first book of short stories, called Naledzi Masase. Photo supplied.


By: Maanda Bele

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