Begwa finds no time to be idle

Date:05 June 2021 - By:

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Where did you get the energy and time to release 18 songs at once? This is the question music lovers usually ask prolific local composer, producer, and sound engineer Ananius Ani B Begwa. This comes after he had released his third multiple-track reggae album two weeks ago. The album, titled Mitsivhulo ya mitsigo, has been received with much acclaim by music lovers who continue to worship Begwa for his creativity and musical wisdom.

Begwa, who hails from the dusty Maraxwe village outside Thohoyandou, says he does his musical work as if there will be no tomorrow. “Life is fragile and very short. I don’t know what happens tomorrow. The time that I have today is the only thing I appreciate because the future has no guarantee. That is why I make sure that I live in the present because it is the only time that I can use to fulfil my desire in this world.”

He says the 18 tracks are a true reflection of what life is all about. “Life experiences and what I see every day inspire me to compose songs that talk to what people come across in their daily lives. I give myself time to observe what is happening around me, so that I can teach my fellow human beings about life. There is nothing more fulfilling than helping people with advice that will help them to change their lives. As a musician, I can easily do this through music.”

Begwa says as a person who is always busy, he makes sure that he manages his time effectively. “I spend most of my time in studio recording various artists, but I make sure that I use the little time I get as profitably as possible. You will never get time in your life, but you have to make time, so that you can fulfil what you have set out for yourself in life.”

Mitsivhulo ya mitsigo is already making waves in the music industry and receiving airtime on various radio stations, especially the track Muthu ha kolelwi.

For music sales and bookings, Begwa can be contacted on 0722543083 (voice calls and WhatsApp).  He is also available on Facebook (Ananius Begwa).



Ananius Ani B Bengwa has released an 18-track album titled Mitsivhulo ya mitsigo. Photo supplied.