Mcdee Madhara has found his 'greener pastures' in SA

Date:29 May 2021 - By: Tshifhiwa Mukwevho

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The Musina-based Afro-dancehall and RnB artist, Mcdee Madhara, has properly taken the music industry by storm with his vibey selection of tunes, and especially songs such as Imwe mhando, Ndinokuda and Pepepe make him a great favourite among his fans.

Born Donald Mafuta and originally from Torwood in Kwekwe, Zimbabwe, Mcdee Madhara started singing in church in 2014. After he finished his advanced levels at school in 2017, he was “just sitting at home with nothing really serious to do”. So, in 2018, he made the decision to come to South Africa in search of greener pastures. He first started taking music seriously upon meeting the highly skilful producer known as HDK, who runs One Love Records in Musina.

 “Music actually means a lot to me,” he said. “I handle it very much as I would a career – with pride. I grew up listening to music and I always wished that one day I could grab a microphone and express my feelings lyrically.”

Imwe mhando means ‘one of a kind’. The song is about love and what it means and how it turns out in the end for some people. “Sometimes, after a person went through a break-up or had been turned down, they finally meet someone different, someone who understands them better than the ones before,” he explained.

Ndinokuda means ‘I love you’ and in this song Mcdee Madhara expresses his feelings directly towards his imwe mhando (one of a kind), telling her that she is everything to him.

Pepepe means ‘finished’ or ‘out of words’ and celebrates the beauty of women. “In this song, I am telling a lady that she ‘finishes’ me with the way she looks,” he said. “This song has enjoyed massive airplay in Zim(babwe) and many artists, like Mark Geezo from Zimbabwe and Smosh from South Africa, have shown interest in it and done remixes of it.”

Mcdee Madhara believes that the messages in his music can change someone’s life in this crime-infested world; he always makes sure that he wastes no lyrics. “I dab every lyric with the colour of love, encouragement and motivation,” he said. “It’s easy for my lyrics to penetrate broken hearts and bring solace and comfort.”

A number of artists inspire him, but he is especially a great fan of Zimbabwean RnB singer Trevor Dongo. “I love the way he plays with lyrics in all his music; his creativity is what keeps me going,” he said.

Mcdee Madhara’s music is available at most online stores such as Spotify, Playstore, Deezer, YouTube, and Apple Music. Visit for a sample of his amazing track. Mcdee Madhara can be reached on Tel 064 416 9632.



Mcdee Madhara, an Afro-dancehall and RnB artist from Musina. Picture supplied. 


By: Tshifhiwa Mukwevho

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