It pays to reach for your goals

Date:07 February 2021 - By: Kaizer Nengovhela

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Nkhetheni Muguru from Mukumbani village in the Tshivhase area has just released a new book, Uguda a hugumi.

The book was inspired by her life experiences and observations over the years. Her wish is to see more black youths attain prosperity despite the misfortune of having been raised in the poverty-stricken conditions their parents found themselves.

“I am that kind of a person who, through my writing, can help you infuse awareness into your life, so that you can reach your goal and live a purposeful life without compromising your happiness,” she said. “However, the book is not about a certain religion, but it has a touch of God’s word as a way of acknowledging ancient wisdom.”

In this book, she delivers powerful teachings to help communities, and women in particular, to discern between the lies of the enemy and the truth, and rather seize the truth about life. “This encouraging message will motivate society to press beyond obstacles and limitations and start living according to the full potential that God had originally created for man,” she said.

She was overwhelmed by the response from the public. The book has received a resounding welcome from people since it was published. “Readers, especially the youth, should read carefully, as the contents of the book are very important and can help us immensely in our day-to-day lives,” Muguru said.

For more information on the book or to place orders, call 081 899 0336.



Nkhastheni Muguru has just released her book, called Uguda a hugumi. Photo supplied.


By: Kaizer Nengovhela

Kaizer Nengovhela started writing stories for Limpopo Mirror more than a decade ago, in 2 000. Prior to that he had a five year stint at Phala-Phala FM as sports presenter. In 2005 Kaizer received an award from the province's premier as Best Sports Presenter. The same year he was also nominated as Best Sports Reporter by the Makhado Municipality. Kaizer was awarded the Mathatha Tsedu award in 2014.