Slender Girl finds balance between music and education

Date:04 October 2020 - By:

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Uhone Fortunate Malindi is only 16 years old, but she has already made her mark in the tough music industry. Famously known by her stage name of Slender Girl, Uhone is a true example that music and education can mix.

Apart from her successful musical career, Uhone is also doing well at school. The young music star from Nzhelele Ha-Mavhunga is a Grade 10 learner at Tshamakwatini High School.

Slender Girl, who dreams of becoming a town planner one day, shot to stardom when she released her first album, entitled Mmawe ndi a vha funa, in 2016 at the age of 12. This was followed by her second album, Mpho yanga, which was released in 2017. In 2018, she released her third album Vhaswa, which was followed by her fourth one, Khaladzi anga in 2019. Her latest album, Coronavirus, was released in April this year. She describes her music as a mixture of house, manyalo and disco.

She credits her family for being able to shuffle between her schoolwork and her music career. “I am very thankful for my mother, Livhuwani Malindi, who doubles as a parent and my music manager. She helps me to manage my time effectively to make sure that my music career does not interfere with my schoolwork. I do my music after school, at weekends and in holidays. As much as music is important to me, education is also important, because it holds the key to my future. Should my music career hit a snag, I will have something to depend on when I’m educated.”

She says she is happy that her music is receiving airplay at various radio stations. “My gratitude goes to the local community radio stations that continue to play my music. It is really an honour to have your music played on radio while there are a lot of artists who are also releasing albums daily. I will never forget to thank my fans for their continued support, because they are buying my music. Now that the lockdown regulations have been eased, my fans will continue to see me when I do my live performances at various gigs.”

She is available on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. She uses Slender Girl Muimbi on all platforms. For public performances and music sales, she can be contacted on 0793163124 (voice calls and WhatsApp).



Uhone Fortunate Malindi (16), aka Slender Girl, is fast becoming a household name on the local music scene. Photo supplied.