Dr Muremela publishes “Why men die young?”

Date:02 August 2020 - By: Silas Nduvheni

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A medical practitioner in Thohoyandou, Dr Lutendo Samson Muremela, recently published his second book, Why Men Die Young? The book also includes vital information about common diseases, gender-based violence, and the coronavirus.

Dr Muremela, who has been practicing as a general medical practitioner for more than 30 years, published his first book, Living a healthy lifestyle, in 2018. His latest book was also read and recommended by former Limpopo MEC for health Dr Norman Mabasa, motivator and public speaker Humbelani Netshandama and the chairperson of the Vhembe-based Men’s Forum Munna Ndi Nnyi? Dr Bardwell Mufunwaini.

Muremela, who was born and raised at the rural village of Matsika in Malavuwe, said in his research of more than 30 years, he found out that more men died when compared to women. According to Muremela, men are crime masters and he attributes some reasons for early deaths to violence, especially when drunk, suicide, and ignorance, among others.

The book has 14 chapters, like pride, male violence and crime, men and HIV/Aids and some suggested solutions against gender violence. “Men should learn to forgive, learn to ignore an insult and to tell yourself that, under no circumstances will you ever assault your spouse. Have room for disappointment; your spouse is not an angel, he/she may cheat on you or dump you at any time; however, don’t assault or kill anyone,” said Dr Muremela.

He also advises that men should not kill children, even after discovering that they are not yours. “We also have to give advice to all lovers that they must be on the lookout for early signs of abuse, like a lover being hungry, forcing intercourse despite your objection. Never wants to win all arguments, rejects friends who want you to quit your job and stay at home, because of his insecurities,” he added.

He further said that one should familiarize him/herself with all types of abuse, so that you may know when it develops.

The book was printed and bound by Thina Printers and Distributors in Thohoyandou.

He can be contacted @ 015 962 5130 or e-mail: drlsmuremela@ yahoo.com



Well-known general practitioner in Thohoyandou Dr Lutendo Muremela holds a copy of his new book, Why men die young.


By: Silas Nduvheni