An unsung hero behind the scene ...

Date:14 May 2020 - By:

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When radio stations play good music, listeners are happy and keep on tuning in. But many listeners do not know that behind the good music are unsung heroes and heroines called music compilers. One such unsung hero is Munei Netshiozwi, a music manager/compiler for one of the fastest-growing community radio stations, Vhembe FM.

Famously known as GiverGivero in the entertainment world, Netshiozwi hails from Tshitereke village, near Donald Fraser Hospital. He is an IT graduate from Boston Media House.

Netshiozwi, who is also a well-known DJ, says although he works behind the scenes, he thoroughly enjoys his work and feels that nothing can separate him from the love of music. “To be a music compiler needs someone with an ear for music and who never becomes tired of listening to new music. We receive lots of music daily at the radio station and I must listen to each song attentively to make sure that the language is clean, and that it also meets the requirements of the station. I also evaluate the quality of the music submitted to the radio station to make sure that it conforms to our highest standard.”

He said his work had opened doors for him to interact with many people, including musicians, presenters, and record-label owners. “This job needs an easy-going, friendly and accommodating character. Meeting different kinds of people teaches me to appreciate different types of individuals and characters. I’m happy that I am now able to rub shoulders with big names such as Jimmy Da Scratcher, who is one of our anchors here at Vhembe FM.”

He said his love for music dated back to when he was still young. “I grew up in a family that was passionate about music. My elder brother and his friends used to play music all day long, and it ignited the love of music in me. I then ventured into the DJ field, where I made a name for myself. I released a song entitled Weekend Vibes, featuring TLF, and I am happy it has been well received by music lovers across the country. I am a passionate person and I have no doubt that a lot of success stories lie ahead of me soon.”

And his message to aspirant young music compilers and DJs is: “Be passionate and love what you do. Disappointments will always be there, but they must not distract you from achieving your objectives. If you give yourself time and dedicate energy to what you love, success will definitely follow you.”



Munei Netshiozwi. Photo supplied.