New album for Rofhiwa Manyaga

Date:24 February 2020 - By: Mbulaheni Ridovhona

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"Music is my life and it lives in me," said local gospel singer Rofhiwa Manyaga, who recently released his sixth album, Proverbs 3:5-6.

Manyaga said the album was all about trust in the Lord and comprised 19 spirit-uplifting songs. Some of the songs are Hallelujah vhamurena, Ahuna linwe dzina, Faresa, Let the name of the Lord, Worship madley, Watshepahala, Muya mukhethwa rilange, Zwithu zwothe, God most holy, Dzithendo dzothe and Khotsi anga. He features Ngudo Praise, Mbavhie and Palesa Ravele on this album.

He began playing piano at the tender age of 11 at church and he has been actively pursuing his gospel-music ministry and career. "My love for music is largely influenced by legendary artists and producers such as Jonathan Butler, Sizwe Zakho, the late Emmanuel Mamphogoro and Mxolisi Mhlongo," he said.

He released his first album, Ntanzwevho, in 2001, followed by Sendelani (2003), Kuyoba mnandi (2005), Victory (2012), and Rofhiwa live at CWC in 2016.

In 2005, he founded RT Records, working with Takie Ndou. Together they released three albums, which are I'm going home, The power and Prayer.

Over the years in his musical career, he has worked with well-known gospel artists such as Hlengiwe Mhlaba, Takie Ndou, Lufuno Dagada, Andile B, Elle Tisane, Lufuno Buda, Dumi Mkokstad, Hanie Mutele, Veliswa Skeyi, Maduvha Madima, and Andile ka Majola.

He also started the annual gospel star search in 2012, which has already borne fruit in discovering raw talent and now household names such as Thabelo Thavhanyedza (2012 winner), Palesa Ravela (2013 winner) and William Maseko (2014 winner).

For CD purchases and bookings, phone him on 082 632 1994.



Rofhiwa Manyaga. Photo supplied.


By: Mbulaheni Ridovhona

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