Lufuno Siobo’s gospel music journey

Date:25 May 2019 - By: Phathutshedzo Luvhengo

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A 20-year-old gospel singer, Lufuno Siobo from Vleifontein, defies the odds as she strives to be one of the best musicians in the Vhembe region.

“I started singing in 2015 and I am still determined to be one of the best musicians,” she said.

This gospel artist, a learner at LTT Murunwa Private School, released her first album Vulani Mavothi a muya, in September 2018. She told Limpopo Mirror that her journey in the industry was both exciting and challenging; however, she is enduring all the challenges.

When Siobo started in the industry, singing was just a hobby, but two years later she learnt that she could make a living out of music. “The music business is not that simple,” she said. Without much of a fan base, Siobo used local events to promote her music and her latest offerings.

She said her mother was the most supportive person and motivated her to work even harder, irrespective of the challenges she might be encountering. With her own record label, Tshedza Production, Siobo produces her own music.

She claimed the industry was not more receptive to upcoming musicians, especially as a young girl. “As a young girl, you learn that people, especially men, try to lure you into unthinkable behaviour. Sometimes they even try to proposition you or try to use you,” she said.

“This happens especially when you are seeking sponsorship – they will try to sleep with you and even threaten that you won’t get anywhere in music if you don’t do what they want you to do,” she said. However, these hurdles don’t stand in Siobo’s way as her mother continues to motivate her. “She influenced me to trust God and continue with my hard work,” she said.

In certain instances, Siobo performed at events after being promised to be paid after the event but the promise was not kept. She believed that it only happened like that because she is new in the game without a huge fan base.

Determined to reach her golden dream, Siobo said she continued to perform at various events in the hope that one day she would be known in the entire region where gospel lovers would enjoy her talent.

“I still wish to go far with this business of music. I aspire to emulate people like Benjamin Dube and other famous gospel singers, and I want to put my village on the map,” she said.

Siobo believes that music is life and through music, she can communicate with God and free her mind.



Lufuno Siobo believes she will become one of the best gospel artists in the Vhembe region. Photo supplied. 


By: Phathutshedzo Luvhengo