Debut album for Elijah Ramikosi

Date:28 April 2019 - By: Mbulaheni Ridovhona

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Local gospel artist Thabelo Elijah Ramikosi recently released his debut album,  Tshilidzi Tshoriedana.

The long-awaited debut album was launched on 20 April at The Holy Faith Christian Church in Vhufuli.

Ramikosi said that the album comprised12 songs. "There are songs like Dzina LavhudiVhadzula na nne MurenaUhone Yehova, and Mudzimu tshanda tshawe asi tshipfufhi," he said. "This album is all about the grace of God that I saw in my life, encouragement through the Word of God, the experience of what God can do in our lives, and the testimony of what God has done for me."

He said that the song Vhadzula na nne Murena was all about having faith in God. "This song talks about God who will always be there for you, no matter what you are going through in your life. It doesn't matter how the situation may be, but God will be there for you and pick you up. In the Bible we also find out that Job was going through a lot and he lost his family, but God was there for him," he said.

The 29-year-old from Tshitere said he started singing at the age of 14. “I started singing in a family choir with my mom and my sister, but professionally, I started singing at the age of 23 when I joined the group Lion of Judah True Worshippers and in 2013 I joined my current group, Vhaneiwa Heavenly Voices," he added.

He said that he loved gospel music because it healed his soul. "Gospel music means life to me because it inspires me each day of my life. When I'm down or discouraged, gospel music makes me feel like I'm a new person and feel courageous. I love gospel music because I live to praise God and worship him because I know him well," he said.

Local gospel artists such as Cyril, Lutex, Sir Lavhe, Tsiko Mal, Zwivhuya Manyatshe, Dr Mshengu, and Huli Mbambale were the supporting artists during the launch.

"I thank everyone who came to support me. It really means a lot to me. If you get the copy of this album you won't regret. This album is full of worship," he said.

He can be phoned on 079 688 9542. He is also available on Facebook at Thabie Elijah Ramikosi.



Thabelo Elijah Ramikosi. Photo supplied. 


By: Mbulaheni Ridovhona

The 22-year-old Mbulaheni (Gary) Ridovhona has been passionate about journalism to the extent that he would buy himself a copy of weekly Univen students' newsletter, Our Voice. After reading, he would write stories about his rural village, Mamvuka, and submit them to the very newsletter for publication. His deep-rooted love for words and writing saw him register for a Bachelor of Arts in Media Studies at the University of Venda, and joined the Limpopo Mirror team in February 2016 as a journalism intern.