Malondolo says no to abuse

Date:17 November 2018 - By:

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“Abusers of women and children have no place in our society.” This is the message from prolific local Afro-pop star, Malondolo.

If music were the oxygen of life, music lovers would not live without this single, Women and Child Abuse, which was released two weeks ago. 

Malondolo said the single was conceived shortly after her recent tour to Lesotho. “I realized that very few incidents of women and child abuse are reported in Lesotho, and I was encouraged to come up with something to share with my people here in South Africa. Not a single day goes by without our hearing incidents of women and child abuse in our country. Through this single, I want to send out a message that, as a united community, we will not tolerate these abusers in our society. In the song, I also call upon law-enforcement agencies to punish these perpetrators harshly.”

She said the problem of abuse of women and children was rife and it needed all community members to stand up and denounce it. “How on earth do you expect to have a productive and healthy nation if the vulnerable are abused on a daily basis? Obviously, this will take us nowhere as a nation if we do not stand up and fight. I’m happy that I will be able to spread this message through my music.”

Malondolo said she was overwhelmed with joy when she received positive responses from her fans while promoting her single on Phalaphala FM last week. “The messages and calls I received from my fans were overwhelming. We are receiving new orders daily because people love the song. I’m happy that it has sold more than 5 000 copies in the space of two weeks. This clearly demonstrates that the message is sweet to people’s ears.”

She said she had been performing in various venues around the country to promote the single. “My schedule is very hectic because everyone wants me to perform in their area. I urge my fans to be patient and wait until I’m there to give them the best of my music. However, I will launch the single in conjunction with my birthday celebration on 1 December at The Junction Lounge, Nzhelele Ha-Rabali.”

She said that it would be a celebration of her music career and a “thank-you performance to all my fans who supported me throughout these years in my music career. I’m happy that my colleagues in music have made themselves available to celebrate and perform with me on that day. These include Khakhathi and Friends, Naphy M, Humbulani Ramagwedzha, Bhamba, Burning Doctor, Mlazie Boy, Cairo, Bllesser, Mariana, Jininka, Lady Juice-M, DJ Shandu-SKeem and Jahwin.”

The multiple-award-winning diva said she was thankful to her new manager, Freedom Boikanyo of E kasi Records. “Since I started working under his management, my musical career has been turned into a professional, full-time job that needs me daily. I would like to advise fellow musicians to turn their music careers into a professional venture by working with renowned managers who know their job well.”

For public performances, CD sales and more information about Malondolo’s birthday and launch celebration, enquiries can be directed to her manager, Freedom Boikanyo at 065 952 8215.


Prolific Afro-pop star Malondolo is back with a new single, entitled Women and child abuse.