First mixtape for Stevy J

Date:12 November 2017 - By: Maanda Bele

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Producer, songwriter, rapper and singer Thendo Ratshekani, better known as Stevy J, has finally released his mixtape.

The 18-year-old artist from Siloam in Nzhelele said that the release was close to his heart as it was all about his journey in life and the struggles he had encountered while growing up. "The mixtape narrates the story of my life; every song in here talks about things that I have come across."

His mixtape is entitled "For you" and consists of 14 songs. It includes his hit single, Mom, which he dedicated to his mother. "My mom has always been my biggest fan, even though at first she didn't understand why I love music."

According to him, his music thing started as a joke. “I remember singing along to Eminem's songs; the next thing I had turned my mother's garage into a studio," he laughed.

He said the support and motivation he received from his siblings made it easy for him to balance school work and his music projects, "My brother Rodney always tell me to put my studies first and music should just be a hobby," he added.

Stevy is also working on a project called Gera beats, where he produces beats and gives them to upcoming rappers to work on. "My aim is to promote upcoming artists by giving them an opportunity to showcase their talent."

Besides being a musician, Thendo is also a Grade 11 pupil at Nngweni Secondary School. People interested in his work can find him on Facebook at Thendo Stevy J Ratshekani.


Thendo Ratshekani, better known as Stevy J.


By: Maanda Bele

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