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Date:09 June 2017 - By: Prudence Bopape

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A young man from Masia village is slowly but surely making a name for himself in the fashion industry. In the past three months he has hosted two fashion shows, but next week, during the June 16 celebrations, his creations will be on view again when he exhibits them as part of the Masia Beauty Pageant.

Ndivhoniswani Netshiombo, more commonly known as Mateki, is only 28 years of age, but his talent and zest for fashion have impressed many. Mateki started organising fashion shows in 2016, with the aim of getting young people involved in worthwhile projects. He encouraged them to showcase their talents and participate in his fashion shows. During the shows he included local musicians, dancers and many more.

“So far my fashion shows have been successful, but this time around I will not only be hosting a fashion show, but I will be inviting all young people to participate in Masia’s first beauty pageant,” he said. He is convinced that this will help those with a low self-esteem and doubts to gain some confidence. This event will be hosted on June 16 in honour of the fallen heroes.

“I am a passionate designer looking to address and introduce the latest fashion trends in and around Masia village. I named my designs after I saw a need for a little twist in the rural area; Try Mateki’s Designs (TMD),” he said.

Mateki explained that most designers are female, but this fact did not deter him. “We can all be somebody, regardless of gender, age or race. I aim to please and give the unexpected,” he said. Mateki also criticised the stereotyping of people, for instance when people think that all male designers are homosexual. “I adore homosexual people for their sense of style and determination in the fashion industry. I have nothing against them,” said Mateki, but emphasized that all people are different.

“Through my designs I see myself achieving more and maturing in the fashion industry,” he said. He was also realistic about the fact that it is a difficult industry to survive in financially. “My sponsors are responding well and although my team and I are still struggling, I can still design almost anything, be it matric farewell dresses, evening dresses, traditional wear and many more.”

Mateki added that his greatest inspiration in this world was his mother, who always motivated him to work hard. Mateki can be phoned on 079 598 6552.

Ndivhoniswani Netshiombo, well known as Mateki.

Some of  TMD's designs.


Some of  TMD's designs.


By: Prudence Bopape

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