TyGaBoY the multi-talented artist on the roll

Date:16 December 2016 - By: Tshifhiwa Mukwevho

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A 21-year-old multi-talented rapper, TyGaBoY Mukoni, is an artist to reckon with, and he promises his thousands of fans sterling performances this festive season.

His debut album, Mukoni Ndi Nne, came out in 2015 after many years of honing his vocal skills. The album has at least 10 megasongs that display his singing talent to its fullest. “It's a strong album with strong but accessible songs, and it was financed by my manager, Phalanndwa Phalanndwa,” TyGaBoy said.

Songs from that album received favourable airplay on different radio stations and that was indication enough that he was on the right track as an artist. “People loved my music from the first when I took it out to them,” he said.

This multi-talented artist, who is a songwriter, rapper and producer all in one, said that he had travelled a long, rocky road to success. “One has to work hard in order to make it in the industry,” he said. “Just a year after my songs were first played on the radio, I was nominated in the Afri Dzonga Music Awards 2016. Being nominated made me feel more proud of my artistic endeavours.”

Earlier this year, TyGaBoy's music caught the ears of G-Boy, who specialises in creating hip-hop beats. He then decided to be his beat producer, creating hip-hop beats for him at no cost.

Some of his primary school memories are the rainy days when their teachers would suspend their daily lessons and tell them to go back home. “I would use the day off from school to entertain my friends in the comfort of my home,” he said. “I would use metal drums as music instruments, singing whichever song came to mind.”

During weekends and school holidays, he taught himself how to operate the radio at home. He would then use empty cassettes to record himself while singing without instruments and replay them. He did all that just to hear his singing voice on the radio. He would also ask his parents to listen to his recordings, so he could get their view.

“However, they would get angry with me and beat me up instead, saying that I was wasting their empty cassettes, which were reserved for their own personal use,” he said. “However, they later realised that I was passionate about making music and decided to support me in my venture.”

In addition, his mother then decided to devote some time off to record hymn book songs with him and replayed them.

Today, this young artist's talent continues to grow and make his parents of proud of him.

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By: Tshifhiwa Mukwevho

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