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Date:11 November 2016 - By: Tshifhiwa Mukwevho

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A 21-year-old talented singer, songwriter and producer, MrChiffudi, is quickly making waves in the music industry as his name gains more respect among lovers of the VenRap genre.

A resident of Tshifudi Tshikombole, he started his musical journey in 2012 when he was only 17 years old. “I love music so much that I have arrived to the point where I can surely affirm that nothing can separate me from music,” he said.

He was a member of an emerging hip hop group EcR, managed by Khomola Kenny. The group's hiatus saw the release of MrChiffudi's hit song Nwana Mutshena in 2014, which established him as one of the leading artists in Vhembe.

“We became one of Kasi's best hip hop crews of all times,” he said. “But as time went on, we relaxed in music and that's when I got time to focus on my music as a solo artist.”

He performed in various singing competitions and arranged gigs in which he promoted himself. As a young man rising to fame, MrChiffudi's talent stole the hearts of those running the music company Mutsindo Media earlier this year. This is where he met the manager, Watson Makungo, who is popularly known as Kungos, and his assistant Maanda DJ Axe Makungo.

“I have just released a mix tape titled Truth with Mutsindo Media,” he said. “This title is clear and straightforward; it means that I am bringing to light quality music and the true hip hop according to my language as an artist.”

The mix tape comprises at least 10 tracks, including Nwana Mutshena, Ontsia, A ri lali and Sweety My Lovey.

This young artist was born Vhonani Makhanthisa.

The mix tape is available for download at MrChiffudi can be reached on 0792853044 or 0820827778.

For bookings, contact,, or The company's web address is




By: Tshifhiwa Mukwevho

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