Second album for Darkface Muvenda

The cover of Maboho´s second album.


22 March 2012


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After a break of two years, a resident of Tshififi village, Mr Tshilangano “Darkface Muvenda” Maboho, is back with his second album.

His debut hip-hop gospel album, Vhutshilo, was released in March 2010. Some of the songs, which are still popular, include God bless, Respect, Khosi anga and the title track, Vhutshilo. He revealed that although Vhutshilo was self-marketed and -distributed, its performance in the market was remarkable.

Just like the previous one, the new release was recorded at the Bomo Entertainment Studios at Muledane. It was recorded three months ago and released during the past mongh. Unlike Vhutshilo, the new release, The messenger of Venda, is packed with 16 songs. Songs like Rest in peace, Ritshilanavho, Face of the pain and Vho Balelwa will make the new release a hit with fans within a short space of time.

Muvenda says the new album is available at most of the local music outlets. When asked about his history as a musician, Darkface indicated that his music career started in the year 2000. At that stage, he was a Grade 8 pupil at the Tshilala Secondary School.

Darkface says he remembers well the day he impressed the judges during a music talent search at the school that year. That, according to him, was the beginning of his road to fame. When asked about his experiences on the way to the recording of his debut album, Darkface reveals that his road to fame was rocky and thorny.

According to him, he nearly threw in the towel before he was introduced to the owner of the Bomo Entertainment Studios. He will be promoting his new release through live performances at the concerts, weddings and other social gatherings in the coming months.

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