Rape suspects wanted

Date:26 August 2011 - By: Rulani Baloyi

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The Makhado Child Protection Unit is looking for information pertaining to a suspect who is alleged to have raped a 44-year-old woman.

It is alleged that the suspect knocked on the door of the victim while she was asleep with a young boy in Rathidili village. He apparently insisted that the door be opened and introduced himself as a police officer who wanted to conduct a search.

According to Captain Maano Sadiki, the suspect instructed the woman to accompany him to the satellite station in Madombidzha. He said the suspect drove past the Makhado ZCC church towards Braambos, where he stopped and raped the victim.

The woman reported the incident to the police and a rape case is being investigated. An identikit has been compiled with the assistance of the victim.

In a separate case, a 36-year-old woman almost became a rape victim at Tshituni-tsha-ntha in Mphempu. An unknown suspect broke into her house while she wassleeping and ordered her to have sexual intercourse with him while threatening her. According to Captain Sadiki the woman screamed for help and the suspect ran away. Police opened an attempted rape case.

Anyone with information about the whereabouts of the two men can contact Constable Jeanette Mamokhwane on 0738885505 for Rathidili in Madombidzha and W/O Thovhakale on 0793272815.



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Left: An identikit of the suspect wanted for the rape case in Rathidili in the Madombidzha area. Right: An identikit of the suspect wanted for attempted rape in Tshituni-tsha-ntha.

Rulani Baloyi


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